Who we are:

Sheri Wipf built her dream of educating children in 2000 shortly after completing her Early Childhood Education. Her vision was brought to life through years of personal and professional experience. Creating warm and inviting spaces for children to explore and their natural ability to learn, she continues to build on the foundation or early childhood education.

The Biggest Little Preschool & Childcare Center began its journey in the year 2000 inside of Bethany Newton United Church. A one room preschool classroom became two by 2005 along with adding an additional program of school age care. As the neighborhood began to grow so did our center and the Lumina location opened its doors in September 2013. We are thankful to the support of the community it has given us for 20 years.

Its takes a group of amazing and dedicated staff to continue this journey who work collaboratively with staff, parents, and other professionals in the community.  Through on-going workshops, team meetings and communication we strive to meet the needs of the children in our care.

What we do:

All children are celebrated as strong, competent in their uniqueness and having a secure sense of belonging. Our center allows children to experiment, investigate and inquire in ways that are relevant and meaningful to them. Our educators provide children with opportunities to deepen and enrich their relationships with the world around them. They are listened to and valued for their ideas and knowledge. Educators consider each child’s way of being and in doing so able to provide materials that will inspire and enhance their learning experience.

Why we do it:

Bridging the early years to the primary years will allow continuous growth and development. Connecting the children to the world around them allows for lifelong learning. The children will have a sense of well being, security and belonging. They will be able to engage with others, materials and the community. They will have a sense of social responsibilities and begin to become an important member of the community.