3 & 4 Year Old Programs – Please note all preschool programs are held at this location for the 2023/2024 school year.

Please note the following discount prices automatically provided by the childcare initiative: $57 for students enrolled in 3 days a week and $22 for students enrolled in 2 days a week.


  • T/TH AM or PM — $195 — $22 — $173 + $100 registration fee
  • MWF AM or PM — $260 –$57 — $203 + $100 registration fee
  • T/TH EXT — $270 — $22 — $248 +$100 registration fee
  • MWF EXT — $360 — $57 — $303 + $100 registration fee
  • MWF EXT (Mrs. Joy Class only) – CCFRI Rate already applied to price – $300 + $100 registration fee

Mrs. Joy’s Classes :

  • Tuesday/Thursday 9am-11:30pm Program (2 days, 2.5 hr) $173 per month
  • Tuesday/Thursday 11:40am-2:10pm Program (2 days, 2.5 hr) $173 per month
  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday 9am-1:15pm Program (3 days, 4.25 hr) $300.00 per month (This program is part of the CCFRI and $300 is the cost parents pay as fee reduction was automatically added)   *** NEW ***

Mrs. Shivani & Mrs. Mandeep’s Classes:

  • Tuesday/Thursday EXT 9am-1pm Program (2 days, 4 hr) $248 per month
  • Tuesday/Thursday 9am-11:30am Program (2 days, 2.5 hr) $173 per month
  • Tuesday/Thursday 11:40am-2:10pm Program (2 days, 2.5 hr) $173 per month
  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday 9am-11:30am Program (3 days, 2.5 hr) $203 per month
  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday EXT 9am-1pm Program (3 days, 4hr) $303 per month


If your child is turning 3 or 4 by December 31, 2023 then they may attend preschool. This is a very special moment for you and your child as they make their first steps into their school life. They are eager to explore and discover the world around them. Working as individuals and in groups the preschool provides a warm, caring environment that will allow them to grow socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically.

Please click here for an informative handout.

Preschool Parent Handbook

Registration Form – New Students

A $100.00 non-refundable registration fee is due upon enrollment along with a post-dated cheque for 1st months fees and a PAD agreement.


If you require financial assistance, and would like your child to attend any of our childcare programs, please note that you may qualify for the Affordable Child Care Benefit (formerly referred to as BC Childcare Subsidy). This program offers funding to help families with the cost of child care, depending on factors like family size, type of care and household income. Affordable Child Care Benefit does not cover all tuition costs and families are responsible for any outstanding tuition, including the required Registration fee and deposit. For more information, including details about eligibility and how to apply, visit their website at gov.bc.ca/affordablechildcarebenefit.

Tax Receipts

Tax receipts are available upon request. Please email: biggestlittlepreschool@gmail.com when requesting for tax receipt please provide us with your child’s full name and the classes enrolled in the year you require a tax receipt for.